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Privacy statement and terms:

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  • By uploading your data, you agree that you have already deleted all personal data and identifier fields from your dataset and file name. GeoHub does not take any responsibility for any sensitive data that you upload to the server.
  • As the data owner, you are responsible to make sure that your data is sufficiently anonymized and legally suitable for sharing. At GeoHub we help you with anonymizing your data but we do not guarantee the robustness of anonymization or take responsibility related to legal matters of sharing your data.
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  • This website will not keep your data or your email address after the process has completed. Your email address is deleted from the server as soon as your process is ready, and the email is sent. Your original and anonymized data will be erased within one hour from the completion of task from our sever.
  • You can always delete your email address from the website by deleting your active tokens from the token management.
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