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Spatial Data Anonymization Made Easy

Advanced anonymization

Maximum number of rows: 1500 -- Maximum file size: 20 Mb

Terms and privacy statement

How it works:

  • Upload your shapefile as a zipfile. Make sure the shapefile is inside the zip file and not under a sub-folder.
  • Indicate whether you want to calculate the k-anonymity. The process will take longer if you selcet 'Yes'
  • Choose the inner radius of the donut (minimum displacement amount in meters)
  • Select the source of population data used for anonymization and k-anonymity calculation. Currently we have access to population data provided by statistics Finland (Only for Finland). For the rest of the word, you can select the Open Street Map (OSM) ©. We will fetch building data from OSM and make a population estimation based on that.
  • Enter the valid token (if not already loaded)


The result will be sent to you by email after the process is completed. The results will be a zipfile contaning the anonymized data (as shapefile) and an excel report. The report includes the follwoing information for each individual point:

  • ID (point ID)
  • Population estimation at teh location (for Finland only) or Population corealte (when OSM is used)
  • Displacement (in meters)
  • K-anonymity (will be blank if k is not chosen to be calculated

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